A Wireless Clock System starts with a master clock with a transmitter. The master clock’s transmitter transmits the time data to the secondary clocks in the system. Since the time data is transmitted wirelessly, there is no need to run wires between the clocks. The Bogen Wireless System works autonomously, meaning that it does not rely on existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth infrastructure; at the same time, it coexists with other wireless systems that might be in the facility without interference.

The Bogen Wireless System is offered in either 900MHz (US and Canada) or 2.4GHz frequency range (approved to use worldwide) and utilizes frequency hopping technology which transmits and receives the accurate time on 51 or 76 different frequencies to ensure that all clocks in the system receive accurate time with no interference.

The Bogen Master Clock may interface with existing wired clock systems, allowing the facility to upgrade or transition from their existing clock system and benefit from the advantages of a wireless system.


Built-in Repeater in Each Secondary Clock – A unique feature of the system is that each wireless clock not only receives the accurate time, it also retransmits the time to the surrounding clocks in its area.

Superior Coverage – The Bogen Wireless System is not limited to the master clock’s transmitter range since each clock has a built-in repeater. The time signal is relayed to remote clocks, allowing vast coverage within a facility without the need to purchase multiple master clocks or   repeaters.

System Redundancy – Each clock can receive the time signal from multiple directions and sources, including secondary clocks nearby, clocks on the floors above and below, and from Bogen Repeaters and Master Clocks.

System Reliability – Bogen utilizes frequency hopping technology which transmits and receives the accurate time over 51 different frequencies within the 900 MHz or 76 different frequencies in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. This ensures that the clocks in the system receive accurate time with no interference.

No FCC License is Needed – Since the Bogen Wireless System operates in the license- free frequency range, no FCC license is required to operate the master clock transmitter or the secondary clock repeaters. This eliminates the application process and the cost associated with obtaining a license.

Cost Efficiency – Without the need to run wires between the secondary clocks, installation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. Bogen’s analog and digital clocks are offered in 24V, 110V and, 230V. To further simplify installation, Bogen also offers a battery powered analog clock. In this case, a secondary clock can be installed by simply inserting batteries into the clock and hanging it on the wall. Each battery operated   analog clock is powered by two D-Cell alkaline batteries, such as Duracell ProCell or Duracell Ultra, which last between 5-8 years.

Safety Standard Compliance – The Bogen Master Clocks, Repeaters, and Secondary Clocks are designed to meet strict international safety standards and are (c)UL listed.

Advanced Master Clock – The Bogen Master Clock comes with a built-in web interface to allow easy access and easy setup from any computer in the facility via LAN.


Analog Wireless Clock | BCAL

Bogen’s innovative BCAL Series Wireless Clocks incorporate multi-functional software, as well as a microprocessor based movement and a real-time internal clock. The clocks include automatic calibration, as well as enhanced diagnostic functionalities such as reset, sync now, find hands and more.



  • Available in Round or Square Shape
    • Round Clocks are available in: 9”, 12”, and 16” dial sizes
    • Square Clocks are available in: 9” and 12” dial sizes
  • Offered in a Slimline ABS case
  • Optional Cherry Wood finish or Brushed Aluminum finish for round clocks

Digital Wireless Clock | BCBL


Bogen’s BCBL wireless digital clocks are available with a bright red, white, green, or amber display. They incorporate microprocessor based functionality and an integrated real-time clock. All clocks feature an elegant and stylish design and are offered in different sizes with four (00:00) or six (00:00:00) digits.


  • Three models (3100, 3200, and 3300) with additional capabilities for higher models
  • Receives time correction wirelessly
  • Available with 2.5” (6.35 cm) digits or 4.0” (10.16 cm) digits; 4 digit display or 6 digit display
  • Red display standard; Optional White, Green, or Amber displays
  • Adjustable bright LED display (high, medium, low, off)


Bogen Repeaters

Bogen Network Repeater

The Network Repeater is the perfect solution for a wireless system in a campus environment with multiple buildings. The Network Repeater receives its time data from the Bogen Master Clock via LAN and transmits the time signal to clocks once every minute. This feature allows the Network Repeater to be outside the wireless range of the main transmitter in the building or in a campus environment and still receive and transmit the accurate time signal (because the time   data is received via LAN). The network repeater transmitter output is less than 1 watt (same as the master clock output).

Bogen Wireless Repeater

For facilities without LAN, Bogen also offers   a Wireless Repeater that receives the time data from the Bogen Master Clock or from a secondary wireless clock and boosts (amplifies) and repeats the time signal in its area. In this case, the Wireless Repeater must be within range of a time signal in order to boost it. In addition, the wireless repeater can receive the time data from the BCMA Master Clock through wires (using RS485 protocol). The transmitter output is less than 1 watt (same as the master clock output).


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