The Bogen 2-Wire System is one of the most innovative and advanced wired systems in the synchronized time industry. It starts with the BCMA Series Master Clock sending time data to a Converter Box. The Converter Box is powered locally at 110-240VAC and has two functions: it reduces the voltage to provide 24 volt power to the secondary clocks, and it sends the time data every second over the same pair of electrical wires.

Sophisticated in design and functionality, the system is simple to install and involves no regular maintenance. Both analog and digital clocks may be installed on the same run. Since there is no limit to the number of Converter Boxes that can be added to the system, the Bogen 2-Wire Clock System can serve anything from a small facility with 20 clocks to mega projects with 5,000 clocks or more.

The Bogen Master Clock can provide time data to a 2-Wire System and most third-party sync- wired systems simultaneously, allowing a seamless upgrade or transition to the cutting-edge Bogen solution.


Instant Correction – Once-a-second correction signal ensures that the 2-Wire System is always on time.

Power and Data on the Same Wires – The system integrates the power and time data on the same two electrical wires, eliminating the need for a third wire and saving time during installation.

Low Voltage – Since the clocks are powered by 24V, in most countries there is no need for a certified electrician to install the clocks or follow strict high voltage wiring regulations

Worry-Free Installation – Clocks feature a unique automatic polarity detection feature, allowing the clock to correct itself if wiring errors occur during installation. Even if the wires are installed incorrectly, the clock will automatically detect the wrong polarity and reverse it, allowing the clock to function properly.

Reliability – The Bogen 2-Wire System is designed to run in parallel and does not rely on getting power or data from any other clock.   If one clock has a problem,     only that single clock will have the issue and all other clocks in the system will still continue to operate normally.

Safety Standard Compliance – Bogen Master Clocks, the Converter Box, and secondary clocks are designed to meet strict international safety standards and are (c)UL listed.

Advanced Master Clock – The Bogen Master Clock comes with a built-in web interface to allow easy access and easy setup from any computer in the facility via LAN.


Sync-Wire Systems were popular for many years, before new technologies became available. As such, many facilities still have Sync-Wire Systems. In a Sync-Wire System, the secondary clocks receive an hourly time correction from the master clock that synchronizes the minute and second, while the hour is corrected twice a day, so the entire clock system is fully synchronized once every 12 hours. Providing maximum adaptability, Bogen Clocks are compatible with many sync-wire protocols and can be powered using either 24V, 110 VAC, or 230 VAC.

A typical Bogen Sync-Wire System begins with a Bogen Master Clock, which provides the time data to Bogen Secondary Clocks. A Bogen Master Clock may also correct third-party sync-wire clocks, and Bogen BCAM and BCBD series wired clocks may be corrected by third-party master clocks, depending on the supported sync-wire protocols. In addition, Bogen Master Clocks are capable of synchronizing both Bogen Clocks and third-party sync-wire clocks at the same time.

Supremely flexible, the Sync-Wire System is ideal for retrofitting old facilities and correcting older or third party Sync-Wire Systems.

2-Wire System Wiring Diagram (click to expand)

Sync-Wire System Advantages

Automatic Protocol Detection There is no need to preprogram the BCAM clock for a specific time protocol. Bogen BCAM Analog Clocks are capable of recognizing Bogen 2-Wire System time protocol as well as sync-wire 59 minute correction, most 58 minute corrections, and even National Time/Rauland   correction.

Flexible voltage Options Sync-Wire Clocks can run on 24 VAC/VDC, 110 VAC, or 230 VAC, giving you maximum flexibility, whereas within the 2-Wire System they run on 24 volts provided by the Bogen Converter Box.

Interfaces with Other Systems Bogen Master Clocks, BCAM series analog clocks, and BCBD 3300 digital clocks are capable of interfacing with other existing systems and protocols, making Bogen Clocks a perfect choice for retrofitting old systems.

Safety Standard Compliance Bogen Master Clocks and wired secondary clocks are designed to meet strict international safety standards and are (c)UL listed.

Advanced Master Clock The Bogen Master Clock comes with a built-in web interface to allow easy access and easy setup from any computer in the facility via LAN.

Illustration of third-party master clock providing sync wire correction to Bogen BCAM analog and BCBD digital clocks



Analog Wired Clocks | BCAM

Bogen Wired Analog Clocks incorporate multi-functional software, as well as a microprocessor based movement and a real-time internal clock. The clocks include automatic calibration and time protocol detection, as well as enhanced diagnostic functionalities such as reset, sync now, find hands, and more.

  • Available in Round or Square Shape
  • Round Clocks are available in: 9”, 12”, and 16” dial sizes
  • Square Clocks are available in: 9” and 12” dial sizes
  • Offered in a low-profile metal or SlimLine ABS case
  • Optional Cherry Wood finish or Brushed Aluminum finish for round clocks

Digital Wired Clock | BCBD

Bogen Wired Digital Clocks are available with a bright red, white, green, or amber display. They incorporate microprocessor based functionality and an integrated real-time clock. All clocks feature an elegant and stylish design and are offered in different sizes with four (00:00) or six (00:00:00) digits.


  • Available with 2.5” (6.35 cm) digits or 4.0” (10.16 cm) digits; 4 digit display or 6 digit display
  • Red display standard; optional White, Green, or Amber displays
  • Adjustable bright LED display (high, medium, low, off)
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • Multiple power options
    • BCBD 3100 offered at 24V only
    • BCBD 3200 & 3300 offered at 24V, 110VAC, 230VAC


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