Class Prerequisites for Training


IMPORTANT: Attendees should have a working knowledge of the Debian Linux OS, possess moderate-to-advanced level networking skills (e.g., Network+, CCNA, or CISSP type certifications or equivalent), and at least some experience with other IP-based systems. Attendees certification on Multicom 2000 and/or Quantum IP is preferred; this provides a baseline for common terminology which will be used during the Nyquist training. Additional VoIP and/or PBX/iPBX skills and experience are beneficial.

Before attending this training, attendees MUST install Debian Linux version 8.10 (aka “jessie”) AMD 64-bit distro (don’t install the current ver. 9.x distro) in a 16 GB VM environment (e.g., Oracle VirtualBox) on a laptop PC they must bring with them to class. Useful information and FAQs regarding Debian Linux installation (even on specific server brands/models) can be found on the Debian Wiki site.

This PC must be equipped with a USB port and a physical network jack (RJ45)



This Technical Training Class is excellent for both new and seasoned technical and sales personnel. Attendees are required to have a basic knowledge of Windows operating system. Training participants will be provided with technical knowledge and certification for Multicom 2000 and Quantum Multicom IP.
Windows PC with USB, COM port, and wired network card required.



If you have any questions about the training sessions, please e-mail Scott Hepler at

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