Benefits of the Quantum System



Benefits for School Administrators

• Browser-Based Remote Access
Administrators get easy browser-based control of facility bell schedules, prerecorded announcements, and alarm tones. Since the control is browser-based, special software is not needed. A URL and a password are all you need to access Quantum Commander from any location.
• Instant Notification When Secure Areas Accessed
Quantum’s Security Zones can provide real-time notification of access into sensitive facility areas. As soon as a sensor is tripped, Quantum sends an alert via the administrator’s phone or wall display. It can also trigger relays and/or emergency messages.
Station Call Rollover
When a speaker and a telephone device are both located in a classroom, an administrator will always get through with Quantum’s rollover feature. If one device is being used, then the administrator’s call will automatically rollover to the other device.
• Administrator Phone Groups
Quantum allows administrator phones to be assigned into groups to ease managing calls when others are out of the office. If the destination phone isn’t answered within 30 seconds, Quantum will automatically route the call to the other phones in the group.
• Call-In Confirmation
Using the SC1 “Secure Call” call switch, classroom users will know that their request for communications with an administrative station has been received and logged in the Quantum system.
• Survivability
Distributed Integration: Quantum is designed to survive network crashes by allowing individual processor nodes to operate autonomously. Losing network communications to one piece of Quantum hardware does not affect the others and even the affected hardware continues to operate, delivering bells and providing communications for devices connected to it locally.
Fail-Safe Features:
As an added safety measure, a mass notification feature can be hard-wired to all Quantum nodes within a facility, ensuring that Emergency All-Calls can be made during a complete system-wide network failure.
• Programmable Calendar and Holiday Schedules
Quantum contains a complete calendar function and holiday schedule feature that allows accurate and automatic execution of bell schedules throughout the year or years to come. Schedules are customizable, and easy to change. Calendars also allow automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment.
Limit Outgoing Student Phone Calls.
Quantum’s Student Phone feature provides students with the ability to make outgoing calls without abusing the privilege.

Benefits for District Superintendents

• A System That Grows As You Need It To
Quantum is an expandable system. You can configure the system for your entire district all at once, or you can purchase for each individual school or building location over time.
• Communications For All, As Needed
Point-to-point calls between different facilities, All-Call paging into individual facilities, and District-Wide All-Call paging to all facilities.

Benefits for Facility Managers

• Scalable To Your Needs
Quantum is extremely scalable and flexible. Quantum processor nodes can be deployed in the appropriate capacity for each loca- tion to make installation and maintenance as effective as possible.
• Runs On Existing Network
Quantum uses the school’s existing network to trunk the voice and data signals between processor nodes. This can eliminate thousands of feet of interconnecting home-run wire, as well as any associated conduit, trenching, surge protectors and labor costs. This provides obvious benefits in the installation phase as well as the system’s long-term maintenance.
• Network/Internet Setup & Maintenance
Quantum allows facility maintenance personnel or contracted dealers a simple means to remotely configure and diagnose the system operation through the facility’s network or over the Internet.
• Network Time Synchronization
If provided with internet access, Quantum can synchronize with network time servers. This ensures accurate time and correctly sets and adjusts daylight savings time.

Benefits for IT Directors

• Leverage Existing Network
Quantum leverages the facility’s existing network to interconnect multiple processor nodes located throughout the facility. The network carries Quantum’s system control data and VoIP- based communications to other system nodes. Nodes then convert the calls to and from the analog domain for delivery to their associated classroom end-of-line devices.
• VoIP Speakers
Since Quantum is VoIP-based, VoIP speakers can communicate with it. These devices allow a simple and effective way of adding speakers to an existing system.
• Duplicate Databases Secure Critical Data
The Quantum Commander, which is resident on each Quantum node, acts as a web server and provides browser-based access to the configuration and diagnostic features of the system. Each node holds duplicate databases for the system, providing redundancy for critical data.
• Node Operation Not Affected By Network Outages
Since even robust networks may fail, Quantum is designed to survive network crashes. All processor nodes can operate independently of one another. If a network connection is lost to one, the others remain operational. Even the affected node continues to operate, servicing bell schedules and local calls.
• Powerful Processor Card
The Quantum processor card is designed around a 250 MHz Power PC microprocessor platform running a Linux OS. This pro- vides plenty of processing power and a processor card that will keep up with enhancements in system software for many years to come.

Bogen SC1 Call Switch

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