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BCMA 2000
BCMA 3000
BCTP 7000
BCTP 8000
Housing: Rack Mount or Surface Mount
Time Input: Ability to store up to 10 different NTP server IP addresses for redundancy and receive accurate time from NTP server(s) via LAN
Time Backup: Internal real time (quartz) clock to act as backup to NTP or GPS time source
Battery Backup: 10 year battery backup for the master clock settings and real time clock
Daylight Saving Time: Automatic Daylight Savings Time Correction with customizable settings
Time Protocols: Capable of interfacing with 2-wire digital communication, RS485, Sync-wire (58 minute, 59 minute, National Time / Rauland or Dukane Protocol)
Interface: Built in Web Interface to allow the system administrator to control, set, and monitor the master clock from any computer on the network
Alerts: Email alerts to notify administrator of communication failure with accurate time source and when master clock restarts, such as after a power failure
Fire Alarm Interface: Ability to command all digital clocks in the system to display“FIRE” in real time (closure input to fire alarm required)
NTP Server: Ability to act as an NTP server to provide (S)NTP/NTP time to other IP devices in the facility
GPS: Ability to receive accurate time via GPS Receiver
Relays: Programmable relays (4 or8) for controlling other systems, such as school bells , air conditioning, lights, and more
Countdown: Pre-scheduled countdown command for all digital clocks in the system (at least 4 relays required)
Bell: Ability to command all digital clocks in the system to display“BELL” at pre-scheduled times (at least 4 relays required)
Transmitter: Transmitter for a wireless system

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