IP Clock Systems

The Bogen IP Clock System is an advanced solution that allows complete control over the clocks. Each IP clock utilizes Power over Ethernet (PoE) and receives both power and time data over the same standard network cable (CAT 5/CAT 6). Bogen IP Clocks have the accurate time redundancy of multiple NTP servers for supreme reliability, and can also obtain the time from any Bogen Master Clock. Since each IP clock can take the time from any NTP server, a master clock is only optional with the IP System.


Featuring a built-in web interface in each IP clock, total control of the clocks is at your fingertips. Any user on the same network as the clocks may log into one clock and take advantage of a   wide variety of functionality and convenience features. The user-friendly interface allows the user to set the clock, view diagnostic information, configure email alerts, and much more.

The Bogen IP Monitoring Software comes standard with the IP System and detects all Bogen Clocks on the network. This easy-to-use tool allows the user to supervise the clocks, modify the settings on individual clocks, and make system-wide changes from one screen.

Bogen IP Systems Advantages

Built-In Web Interface – Each IP clock has a web interface built right in, allowing the user to easily configure features such as 12/24 hour mode (digital clocks only), time zone offset, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, etc. without any prior setup.

Self-Diagnostics – Each clock can perform self-diagnostics to keep the user informed about the clock’s status.

Email Alerts – Stay informed with notifications of any power restarts, major time changes, NTP/SNTP server synchronization issues, display faults, or mechanical failures all through email.

Server Synchronization Redundancy – Each Bogen IP Clock stores up to 10 internal or external NTP/SNTP server addresses to ensure synchronization even if one or more servers fails to communicate.

Master Clock Optional – As long as internet is reliable or an in-house NTP/SNTP server is available, a master clock is optional since each clock can receive the time data directly from the NTP/SNTP time source.

IP Monitoring Software – View, supervise, and send various commands to the entire IP clock system with this simple PC program. In addition, the Bogen IP Monitoring Software will allow you to set one clock and deploy these settings to all other clocks in the system.

Easy Installation – Only one standard network cable (CAT 5/6) is needed to relay both power and data to the clock.

Safety Standard Compliance – The Bogen Master Clocks, Repeaters, and Secondary Clocks are designed to meet strict international safety standards and are (c)UL listed.

Using a Master Clock with an IP System

One of the benefits of the Bogen IP System is that a master clock is only an optional addition. By default, each Bogen IP Clock receives the time data via the internet from multiple NTP servers. As long as a reliable internet connection or an in-house NTP server is available, a master clock is not required with the Bogen IP System.

There are three primary reasons to use a master clock with the Bogen IP System: When a master clock with a GPS receiver is needed, when there is a need to control other systems using programmable relays, or when the facility requires an NTP/SNTP server to provide accurate time data to IP devices other than Bogen IP Clocks.

Master Clock with a GPS Receiver: For facilities that require an additional layer of redundancy or do not have access to in-house or online NTP/SNTP servers, a Bogen Master Clock with a GPS receiver ensures that accurate time is received. In this case, the first accurate time source for the master clock would be the GPS, while NTP servers would act as a backup accurate time source as long as an internet connection is available.

Master Clock with Programmable Relays: Some facilities require a means of controlling other systems through the use of programmable relays. Bogen offers its BCMA 3000 Master Clock Family, which is offered with either 4 or 8 relays. These relays can be programmed to control a variety of systems by switching them on and off at predetermined times. A master clock with relays may include school bell systems, lights, heating/cooling, and more.

NTP Master Clock: For facilities that would like to provide synchronized time to IP devices other than the IP clocks, Bogen offers an optional master clock NTP server upgrade. The Bogen NTP Master Clock acts as an NTP server to provide the time to IP devices such as IP security cameras, IP phones, IP intercoms, or any other IP device capable of receiving (S)NTP time via LAN.


Analog IP Clock | BCAP

Bogen’s state-of-the-art BCAP Series IP Analog Clocks are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, and finishes. Designed with careful aesthetic consideration and built for reliability, Bogen Analog IP Clocks set a new standard for quality.


  • Available in Round or Square Shape
  • Round Clocks are available in: 9”, 12”, and 16” dial sizes
  • Square Clocks are available in: 9” and 12” dial sizes
  • Offered in a low-profile metal case or SlimLine ABS case
  • Optional Cherry Wood finish or Brushed Aluminum finish for round clocks
  • Power over ethernet (802.3af standard)

Digital IP Clock | BCBP

Among the most technically advanced clocks in the industry, Bogen’s BCBP Series IP Digital Clocks are available with a bright red, white, green, or amber display. All clocks feature an elegant and stylish design and are offered in different sizes with four (00:00) or six (00:00:00) digits.


  • Available with 2.5” (6.35 cm) digits or 4.0” (10.16 cm) digits; 4 digit display or 6 digit display
  • Red display standard; optional White, Green, or Amber displays
  • Adjustable bright LeD display (high, medium, low, off)
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • Power over ethernet (802.3af standard)
    • Power and data are provided through one standard network cable
  • Mounting hardware provided for easy installation
  • Immediate correction for time change
  • microprocessor based clock
  • three models (3100, 3200, and 3300) with additional capabilities for higher models


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