Advanced Communication Solutions for Schools

Bogen’s Engineered Systems division provides a variety of advanced communication solutions for K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities at the facility, campus, and district levels. From large metropolitan school systems to individual charter schools, there is a Bogen paging and intercom system to fit your needs. Bogen offers state-of-the-art pure IP-based, hybrid IP/analog, and traditional analog-only paging and intercom systems. Bogen also offers advanced, versatile time solutions to fit most any need. Our high-quality products are dependable, simple to install, and easy to use.

E7000 IP-Based Systems

E7000 is a state of the art district-wide IP communications system you can administer and use from anywhere, at anytime—even with a smartphone. Its scalability and features are virtually limitless, yet E7000 is simple to install and easy to use. Enjoy safer, better-managed schools with Bogen.

QUANTUM Hybrid Systems

Quantum is Bogen’s mid-level IP hybrid communications network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in multiple building sites throughout a school campus or an entire school district.

MULTICOM Analog Systems

Multicom-2000 is an entry-level, hardware-based analog communications system designed for the paging and intercom needs of schools, institutions, and industry.

Time Systems & Master Clocks

From simple quartz wall clocks to GPS systems, to state of the art IP time systems; Bogen has the hardware and experience to help you select the system that is perfect for your school’s needs.

An American Success Story

David Bogen emigrated from Russia to the United States in 1908, armed with accented English, an inquisitive mind and a determined work ethic. Mr. Bogen settled in New York City where he worked 10-hour days at New York’s utility company, Consolidated Edison (Con Ed), and studied electrical engineering at Cooper Union at night. After seven years of hard work and little sleep Bogen earned a degree in electrical engineering.

Faced with anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic barriers, Bogen found it hard to turn his EE degree into a job. Using savings from his Con Ed job, Bogen started an electronics parts distribution company that steadily grew. By 1932, the dawn of the audio electronics age, the David Bogen Company moved from distributing to manufacturing audio products. During World War II the company was recognized for its important contributions to the war effort. David Bogen was proud to “give back” to the nation that had supplied him with freedom, opportunity and prosperity.

The company has evolved since 1932, and the Bogen brand now focuses on telephone paging systems, commercial audio and sophisticated communications systems for education and industry.

In its storied 85 year history the company has pioneered dozens of technical advances in audio and communications. Bogen has been engineering communications systems for educational institutions for over 50 years with systems installed in over 10,000 school systems in the United States and Canada.

When choosing your next communications system, put your trust in the time and field-tested experience of Bogen.

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